Video Shows Coyote Fight A Rattlesnake: Report

MESA, AZ – What is it about rattlesnakes? Are they the animal bullies of the desert or just really good targets for larger animals?

For the second time in a week, a rattlesnake has been captured on video in a fight with another animal.

ABC15 reports that one of heir viewers captured a rattlesnake and coyote going at it by Baseline and Recker Roads in Mesa.

The video shows the coyote lunging at the snake a few times. (Get Phoenix Patch’s daily newsletter and real-time news alerts. Or, find your local Patch here and subscribe).

It’s not clear how the fight ended.

That wasn’t the case last week when a real estate broker in Scottsdale caught a fight between a rattlesnake and a bobcat.

The bobcat clearly won that fight.

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Image of rattlesnake via Shutterstock/image of coyote via Shutterstock/Paul Tessler.

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